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Box of Smile - Padame (Padame One) - Front View - Unique Modern Urban Street Art for Sale on Canvas, UK

Box of Smile - Padame (Padame One)

SKU: AW0029

A small-sized, glowing and cheerful piece of modern urban art on canvas by the French artist Padame (Padame One). The artwork is stretch-framed and ready to hang on your wall.

  • Artist Name: Padame (Padame One)

    Title of Artwork: Box of Smile

    Style: Modern Art, Urban Art

    Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 3.5cm

    Technique: Acrylic, Paper & Spray Paint on 3D Canvas

    Condition: Excellent Condition

    Created: 2021

    Framed: Yes - The item is stretch framed

    Weight: 0.7Kg

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