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What we do.

We source and provide unique and eye-catching artwork and make it available for easy purchase via our website. We specifically select artwork from exciting, promising and already well-established artists from across the globe. Our Artworks are unique, 1-of-a-kind pieces, each hand-crafted by incredibly creative people. Most of our artwork is expressed and delivered on canvas and occasionally on other surfaces like board or paper. We do not offer any prints or mass-produced copies of any artwork and nothing that has not been uniquely composed and expressed into its form by the artist.

We do not stock hundreds or thousands of different artworks from a vast list o
f artists, taking hours to search through to find something you want. We deliberately stock a smaller and more focused array of exciting and affordable artwork, each positioned into easily explored categories and covering the core styles of contemporary art we love and promote - Abstract Art, Modern Art and Graffiti Art.

Our Story.

The story started years ago when I wanted to buy some outstanding and exciting artwork to hang on the wall of my then London flat. I thought it should be straightforward, and there would be an extensive selection of stand-out and eye-popping contemporary artwork to buy. After searching long and hard online for galleries and stockists, I was hugely disappointed with the types and selection of artwork I could buy. You either had to trawl through large websites listing many artists and so much art that it became almost impossible to find some outstanding artwork without it being a massive bore. And if you found some art you liked, it was probably listed at a highly inflated price, making it inaccessible to the general public. Alternatively, if you searched hard enough, you could find some smaller outlets with concise artwork selections. However, these were often very mainstream and common styles that you could find in many places. 

I also did not want to buy any prints, whether prints' of more popular or famous artworks (often with limited numbers) or sprayed prints on canvas, which also seems a common theme now. I always felt that you do not own anything that special as it's not an original piece of created artwork. You might get a limited number print but effectively sharing the same art often with tens or hundreds of other
s. It did not sound very exclusive or exciting to me, and you ultimately know, when someone buys a print, they would have much preferred to have purchased and owned the original artwork.

Who we are.

Arts with Attitude was founded and created by Steve Hughes, a keen contemporary art enthusiast. Steve has always been interested in underground arts and artists and was a former DJ in his younger years. He started buying and collecting contemporary art many years ago and spent most of his career working in the technology sector for some of the industry's most well-known names. He then challenged himself to set up his own business and focus on an idea that genuinely excited him and he has a natural passion for.

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